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Welte-Mignon And Its Music, The

The exhaustive study – numerical, composer and performer lists

Designation: BOOK
No.: 8106
Author/Owner/Source: Smith & Howe (Vestal Press)
Pub. Date: 1994
Description: Size: 8.5×11, 975 pgs, hard cover
Language: Eng
Source: Bowers
Loan/Own: Gift
Entry Date: 12/1/2017
No. docs.: 1

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Duo-Art Grand Drawings Photostats

Three 18-inch photostats of Duo-Art grand tubing

Designation: PNO-REP
No.: 619
Author/Owner/Source: Aeolian
Pub. Date:
Description: Size: 18×18 approx
Language: Eng
Source: Edgerton
Loan/Own: Loan
Entry Date: 8/22,2018
No. docs.: 3

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Viennese Favorites on The Steinway Grand Pianola

Steinway grand Pianola

Designation: MED-CAS
No.: 8
Author/Owner/Source: Danilo Konvalinka
Pub. Date: 1980s
Description: Reproducing piano selections
Language: Eng
Source: Edgerton
Loan/Own: Own 12/27/2012
Entry Date: 1/24/2011
No. docs.: 1

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