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All Ears, Preserving RCA’s Nipper

Story of the four Nippers on the Victor building

Designation: EPH-CL
No.: 1428
Author/Owner/Source: Mark Finston (Newark Star-Ledger)
Pub. Date: 7/20/89
Description: Photocopy
Language: Eng
Source: Polan
Loan/Own: Gift
Entry Date: 11/16/2013
No. docs.: 1

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Jukebox – Gone but Not Forgotten

Beautiful color photographs of 7 jukeboxes

Designation: EPH-CL
No.: 254
Author/Owner/Source: Marion Muller (Magazine not credited)
Pub. Date: 1980s
Description: Size: 11×14.5, 8 pgs.
Language: Eng
Source: Edgerton
Loan/Own: Own 12/27/2012
Entry Date: 4/3/2011
No. docs.: 1

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