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Barden & Clark Organs & Pianos

Eight flyers and catalogs from the 1970s

Designation: CAT-D
No.: 6471
Author/Owner/Source: Barden & Clark
Pub. Date: 1970s
Description: Size: various
Language: Eng
Source: Reblitz
Loan/Own: Gift
Entry Date: 7/2/18
No. docs.: 6

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Carousel Organs And Cylinder Pianos

1896 dealer catalog, Vestal Press reprint, organs & pianos with prices

Designation: CAT-D
No.: 39
Author/Owner/Source: G. Molinari & Sons, New York
Pub. Date: 1896/1970s
Description: Size: 5.5×8.5, 16 pgs.
Language: Eng
Source: Edgerton
Loan/Own: Own 12/27/2012
Entry Date: 1/24/2011
No. docs.: 1

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